Saturday, 6 March 2010


Unfortunately ran out of time with this project. The digital Environment project needed all of my attention this week so spent monday and Wednesday trying to sort out tracking and animation. The bike kept distorting when I was trying to animate it. Even tried lots of solutions with Steve and it didn't work. I feel a bit disappointed with this project as I need more time to develop my tracking skills and more time animating. If I had more time i would have liked the bike to do some stunts as well as better lighting. and I would have liked to make the wheels turn when the bike was moving. So a rather disappointing outcome much like the digital project.....

Friday, 5 March 2010


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

and yet more probs with tracking......

Tracking car park

had real problems with tracking the car park scene. Had to do try so many times but the footage was really shakey so when solving was really poor thus making it really to place bike in scene.

Using the outliner and snapping to track

Problem solving.

Creating a handle to seelct bike > Parented to bike.
Trying to animate bike in scene...
Trying to snap to tracks to make animating easier...
Really not happy with this..My fluorescent rims have disappeared from my bike and the band that follows the bike. I had originally animated the bike as well as the camera separately so I could import into Maya live with tracked scene but when importing it didn't work......I am thinking of just animating the bike seperatly and importing it into after effects to combine to live action footage and track.


Not happy with my tracking....barely understand the process although because i had to track so many times I understand the process. its just today when trying to animate I had all sorts of problems. When selecting the bike and moving it so I can key frame the bike would distort in various poses that simply made the bike disjointed. Steve and I tried so many things.....making a handle so the bike was easier to model then trying to snap handle to tracking points......even producing planes distorted the bike.

I am really not pleased with the test animation.......feel like time is running out and I also need to do lots with the Digital environments. Did try request an extension but, not successful. I feel if I had another couple of days I could get another film footage that I'd be happier with. Unfortunately Due to the lack of time I have to make do with submitting a seriously not finished scene. I would have liked the bike to do a couple of poses in the middle.