Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Not happy with my tracking....barely understand the process although because i had to track so many times I understand the process. its just today when trying to animate I had all sorts of problems. When selecting the bike and moving it so I can key frame the bike would distort in various poses that simply made the bike disjointed. Steve and I tried so many things.....making a handle so the bike was easier to model then trying to snap handle to tracking points......even producing planes distorted the bike.

I am really not pleased with the test animation.......feel like time is running out and I also need to do lots with the Digital environments. Did try request an extension but, not successful. I feel if I had another couple of days I could get another film footage that I'd be happier with. Unfortunately Due to the lack of time I have to make do with submitting a seriously not finished scene. I would have liked the bike to do a couple of poses in the middle.

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