Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Alternative Brief

To take a live action movie - ' Space Oddessey 2001' and model the bike from Tron to ride around the ape scene in the beginning of 2001. The bike will ride around props that will be a tribute Kubrick films such as the axe in The Shining, the helmet that displays born to kill from full metal jacket, bowler hat from clockwork. The props will interact with the scene for example the axe will be animated by being thrown at the obelisk and the obelisk splitting just like the scene where Jack Nicholson breaks down the bathroom door with the axe. The animation will be about 30 seconds long. I will model texture and animate the props to create a short sequence mixing live action with Maya derived animation.


Week 1 - Snow

Week 2 - More snow

Week 3 - Story Board and concepts

Week 4 - Model

Week 5 - Model and Track Tutorial

Week 6 - Model and Lighting Tutorial

Week 7 - Texture/Lighting

Week 8 - Render and compositing

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