Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Review - Changes in concept

To take a live action movie - ' MAD MAX 1' and model the bike from Tron to ride along a long strip of road. The scene that I am putting the 3D bike has a still camera original bike in scene zooms towards the camera. this footage will be replaced with the 3D tron bike I modeled in Maya. I will change the lighting so it is dark. The animation will be about 30 seconds long. I will model texture and animate the props to create a short sequence mixing live action with Maya derived animation.

The schedule has changed somewhat as i have spent so much of my time trying to find the right scene......I browsed through endless films from originally Kubrick to Matrix, speed, Munich, Gataca, Equilibrium and many more......Just put it down to not feeling it perhaps...It's only when Josh mentioned have you looked at Mad Max....Cool thing is max has lots of road footage that would probably work......Cheers Josh for recommendation.....

I am really behind on the Schedule as most of my time partly because I don't know what I'm doing with this one has been spent on the Environments project. I've finished modeling bike and need to edit clip and Track sequence I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow.......A little stressed I'm not gonna get it done as time is running out.....


Week 1 - Snow
Week 2 - More snow
Week 3 - Story Board and concepts
Week 4 - Model
Week 5 - Model and Track Tutorial
Week 6 - Model and Lighting Tutorial
Week 7 - Texture/Lighting
Week 8 - Render and compositing

Basically a week behind schedule I'm hoping to make this back this week.

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