Tuesday, 23 February 2010

good tip from Alex - Lighting

Made it worth while going in today just spending 10 Min's with Alex..........Alex showed me How I could get the window parallel to mirror on the other side. Problem I had was if I duplicated and rotated the shape wouldn't be right. what I needed was to duplicate the shape and some how blow it out so that the convexed shape was also convexed on the other side......if that kinda makes sense....anyway....the simple answer was to duplicate the shape move to where I wanted and on the x axis put a minus and that makes a concave into a convexed! Nice one Alex it's these things that really help.

Also By adding the light strip as the model moves - select c.v curve tool - straight line - duplicate - surfaces - Loft remembering to deselect the object...remember to label in the channel box. up arrow selects all the objects - make sure you select this when moving........I applied shader Incandescence in blue - made two torus scaled it down for the wheels.......pretty cool........

Really appreciate the advice..

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